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URANUS IN TAURUS 2018-2026 by Barbara Ruzzene

Uranus transits the sun in 84 years.  Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign.    Uranus is the fixed air sign of Aquarius.  It is the planet of rebellion, revolution, abrupt, and sudden changes, lightning, earthquakes, future technology, computers, cell phones, space travel alien acknowledgment, robots and the start of a major robotic change to the […]

SOLAR ECLIPSE December 26 2019

Solar Eclipse New Moon December 26th 2019 at 4 degrees Capricorn 6’ Interpretation by Susan Vega of the South Florida Chapter NCGR   A Solar Eclipse is an invitation to a new beginning. Saturn rules the chart and Libra’s the Ascendant, giving Venus importance as well. Relationships are important, and money is high focus too. […]