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The Numerology and Tarot of Five Relating to World Wars

By Susan Vega World War I   (Austria/Hungary declares war on Serbia) 7/28/1914 7+28+19+14= 68 7+2+8+1+9+1+4=32   3+2=5 World War II (Germany invaded Poland on this date) 9/1/1939 9+1+19+3+9=68 9+1+1+9+3+9=32   3+2=5 Invasion of Ukraine  (Russia invades Ukraine) 2/24/2022 2+24+20+22=68 2+24+2+0+2+2=32     3+2=5 Five often represents a challenge or conflict that needs to be addressed. In Tarot it’s related […]

Fixed signs as your Avatar guides

By Susan Vega   When we first learn the nature of the modalities in astrology, we connect to their energies.  Signs of the same Modality, also known as Quadruplicities, are 90° apart. The Cardinal signs take action, fixed stays put and doesn’t want change, mutable is flexible and can move around obstacles. We associate fixed […]

Asclepius and Hygeia’s Great Conjunction connection.

By Susan Vega, Astrologer Asclepius the God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation, and physicians. He was the grandson of Jupiter and the father of Hygeia. He was trained by Chiron. His symbol is the rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, which remains a symbol of medicine today. Asclepius was the son of Apollo and, according to the […]

The Age of Aquarius

By Susan Vega Astrologer There is a huge overlap between ages.  A lot of different dates are believed to be the beginning of the age of Aquarius. The Renaissance times in 1436, was a time of learning and had many advances in art and architecture as well as literature. It was a rebellion against the […]

The Distribution of the Covid19 Vaccine

By Susan Vega Astrologer November 14, 2020 Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius rising chart and is strong in its own sign of Pisces in the 3rd house. This chart (shown below) of the Saturn Square Uranus seems to reflect Jupiter’s expansive optimism of reaching foreign lands with this vaccine product born of scientific […]

The COVID19 Pandemic and the Jupiter Saturn Cycle.

 By Susan Vega Astrologer On December 31, China notified WHO about a cluster of pneumonia cases possibly due to a novel coronavirus. The first COVID case was discovered Sunday November 17, 2019, but it would be weeks before China could gather enough data for it’s report. Some conjecture has been made that the outbreak was […]

Saturn in Aquarius 3/21/20 til 3/7/23

Saturn is about restriction, responsibility, tenacity, and limitations. Saturn rulerships that resonate now: Abandoned places, administration, aged persons, agriculture, chronic ailments, apathy, ambitious persons, TV anchors, animosity, anxieties, arrests, bankruptcies, bans, blood plasma, boredom, places of business, cadavers, cads, callousness, coffins, commodities, common sense, confinement, congestion, Congress, conscientiousness, contempt, cemeteries, workers, conventions, debts, deceit, delays, […]

Venus retrograde in Gemini 2020 by Susan Vega

Venus retrograde in Gemini is always about communication. The smart phone was actually created in 1992 and released in 1994. Venus retrograded in Gemini in 2004, new innovation continued and the Apple iPhone was introduced in 2007, this changed how we communicate.

Transformational Times  By Susan Vega

The Saturn Pluto conjunction has been happening by declination through 2019. There is a breaking down of the structure leaving much collateral damage in its wake. There have been natural disasters such as the horrible fires in Australia and California. The fire that nearly destroyed Norte Dame in Paris. The world wide pandemic starting in […]