Uranus transits the sun in 84 years.  Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign.   

Uranus is the fixed air sign of Aquarius.  It is the planet of rebellion, revolution, abrupt, and sudden changes, lightning, earthquakes, future technology, computers, cell phones, space travel alien acknowledgment, robots and the start of a major robotic change to the world and corporations. Uranus is the sign of the genius. Uranus paves the way with new inventions, new music (new age) humanitarian and social revolutions and changes. Beats to its own drum.

But before we dive into what this means for us, I want to share a little history about our friend, Uranus. According to Greek Mythology, he was the God of the sky and heavens. He visited Gaia (Earth) every night to mate with her, and it was in their nightly unions that the 12 Titans were born. However, Uranus felt threatened by his offspring and would hide them away deep in the earth. Gaia wasn’t pleased with these disruptions and plotted against Uranus with the strongest of her Titans. Their son, Saturn (aka Cronus), stepped up to the plate and castrated Uranus. As his genitals fell to the sea, Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born—something beautiful arising from a period of chaos.
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Solar Eclipse New Moon December 26th 2019 at 4 degrees Capricorn 6’

Interpretation by Susan Vega of the South Florida Chapter NCGR


A Solar Eclipse is an invitation to a new beginning.

Saturn rules the chart and Libra’s the Ascendant, giving Venus importance as well.

Relationships are important, and money is high focus too.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon:

Indians on the warpath while some men row a well filled Canoe, others in it perform a war dance.

The Sabian Symbol for the Saturn Venus 29 Capricorn 30’ midpoint is:

A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs.

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In November, Armand Diaz was the speaker at our event.  In the morning, we saw a presentation on collective perceptions of love and sex since the discovery of Neptune. Neptune was discovered around 1846, but no one knows the exact date, which is interesting due to Neptune’s significations and reputation for making things a little harder to discern.
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In October, the leader for our event was Sam Reynolds and he engaged us in a Predictive Astrology Boot Camp.

We started the day with the ancient technique of profections. The idea of profections is that every year, the focus is on a different area of life. To determine the area of focus for the year, you typically begin with the sign of the Ascendant. However, you can also profect from the Sun, Moon or MC. Whichever you choose, the first house, sign, and sign ruler are more significant in the 1st year of life (0 to 1), 12th year of life (12-13), 24th year of life (24-25) and so on in multiples of 12.
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