Brenda Brush


Brenda will be sharing an important part of her personal astrological toolbox: How she looks at a chart and instantly zeros in on the area that helps people with what they need to know about themselves to be most successful. Questions are answered, such as: What is in their way? Where they need to get out of their own way? How they might have a tendency to sabotage themselves?

All the tools you need to take a quick look at the chart and pull out the most important keys to successfully zeroing in on these most important areas of the chart, the real “Nitty-Gritty”.

There are many tools that help you as the Astrologer use to align the seeker with what they need to move forward in a whole and healthy way. Weaknesses in the chart can become the strongest part, and Brenda will show us how to make this happen.

Brenda Brush is one of South Florida’s most popular, accurate, and creative Astrologers.  Her website is: Brush Up With Brenda.

Please join the NCGR Florida Atlantic Chapter on Saturday January 16, 2016 at 10:30 am.