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The Forever 27 Club Mystery by Susan Vega
While driving along I was listening to Sirius radio’s classic vinyl station. The DJ was talking about the mystery of the “ forever 27 club”. Rock stars & celebrities all dying at age 27.

These are only some of the forever 27 club members listed below. Deaths have resulted by varied means, disease and natural causes, drug and alcohol abuse, travel accidents, murder, or suicide.

One of the questions that remains is why have so many musicians died at the age of 27. There’s no shortage of theories. There are theories concerning the number of 27 club members, like they all owned “white lighters”, really white bic lighters? That was debunked because the solid white lighters weren’t produced by Bic till after the death of Hendrix and others.

There are numerologists that feel that 27 is a significant number. The number 27 reduces to number 9 a humanitarian number, It’s a number of mastery and completion.

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