About Us.

The Florida Atlantic Chapter is devoted to making you feel welcome and wanted…

and make sure you enjoy your day with us!

Cold spring water is provided.

Fun raffles.

Social time.

The opportunity to join us for lunch and socialize with other astrologers,
at the same tables…(or, eat by yourself if that’s what you prefer)

all makes for an exceptional overall experience!

NCGR local chapters provide a place for both members and non-members to meet others who are interested in astrology. Practicing astrologers will also have an opportunity to meet and talk with other practicing astrologers as they further broaden their knowledge and learn how to better help their clients.

We offer a multitude of fun and interesting workshops that will allow you to expand your astrological knowledge as well as explore your own inner knowledge. You do not need to be a professional astrologer to benefit from these workshops. Exposure to the discussion, examples and new techniques may make you interested in further exploration of your own chart or the charts of those close to you.

Our speakers are highly educated – many world-renowned authors – and will make sure you have a valuable and unforgettable educational experience.

It’s impossible to know everything about astrology.  Explore and have fun!