Joni Patry: Outer Planets: Jan 21

Nova Southeastern University - School of Business - Rm TBD 3301 College Avenue, H. Wayne Huizenga School Of Business And Entrepreneurship, Davie, FL

The Outer Planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto: Events and People that changed the world forever and our future. Outer planets transcend this world and those who are born with these planets closely aligned with personal planets have an important purpose to help the world grow and transform. In this class we will look at the […]


April Elliott Kent: I’ll Follow The Sun

Online via Zoom

I’ll Follow the Sun: Using Solar Cycles for Greater Happiness How did you find your way to astrology? Most likely, you followed the Sun. The characteristics of our Sun Signs offered most of us our toehold onto astrology’s rich and varied path. As we travel further along that road, it’s fashionable to distance ourselves from […]