Samuel Reynolds

Samuel Reynolds Astrologer

Using Astrology to Thrive Through Life

SATURDAY, APRIL 22. 10:30 – 5PM.

Reynolds will hold a daylong workshop to survey the major cycles of the planets through eight decades. He’ll start from 1 years old for the first solar return to 84 years old when Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus return near to their places at birth. As a class, we will discuss:

How to cope with the possible and distinct issues that crop up at each of the 7 Jupiter Returns in an average lifespan. The important character and life issues to work out at key lunar node cycles at 19, 37, and 46 years old, for example.  How your 1st Saturn return around 30 can help you with your 2nd Saturn Return at 59 and beyond What makes up a mid-life crisis from an astrological point of view? (Hint: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are involved) How to use critical planetary cycles for your senior years

Although our individual charts provide us with unique challenges and chances at greatness, there are incisive and important insights from general planetary cycles as we arrive at them. Many of these cycles aren’t frequently what we expect according to Reynolds’ research and experience. However, this workshop will expand your awareness of these cycles rather than our wariness.


Samuel F. Reynolds once hated astrology more than other “occult” studies. At 12 years old, when he was a fundamentalist Baptist minister, he used religion to avoid astrology’s lessons. Later, at 23 years old at his Jupiter Return, he realized he mostly disliked astrology because he didn’t know what it all meant. He was born on the “cusp” of two signs and didn’t know which one he was.

So he went to an astrologer. The astrologer’s uncanny insights into his life went beyond the pale of guesswork. Convinced it was all a trick, the former academic spent 10 years doing charts and studying astrology himself.

Now, over 24 years later, and his deepest love and life centers around astrology. Samuel consults, writes, and teaches astrology full-time. He also serves on a few astrology organizational boards, and he’s an entrepreneur who helps others build their businesses as mind-body-spirit practitioners. His life is a lesson on how you have to watch what you hate.

To learn more about Samuel, visit his YouTube channel, or visit his site at You can also keep up with him on Twitter at @unlockastrology and Facebook at


Saturday, April 22, 2017 • 10:30 AM – 5pm. $45

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