The Age of Aquarius

By Susan Vega

There is a huge overlap between ages.  A lot of different dates are believed to be the beginning of the age of Aquarius. The Renaissance times in 1436, was a time of learning and had many advances in art and architecture as well as literature. It was a rebellion against the church, freedom to think for yourself. The freedom-loving 1960s was certainly a rebellion against accepted conservative norms. Free love, drugs, and rock & roll. That free love later came with a price tag on the toe when the AIDS pandemic spread around the world. Also, the end of the Mayan calendar in 2000 is thought to be a new age. The 2040s has been discussed as the start point as well. These are some of the theories. I won’t delve into the differences between the ages other than to say Pisces was the age of going on faith. Aquarius will be an age of change, reason, scientific discovery, networking, and communication advances.

Currently, we’ve seen another Aquarian concept of rebellion. People want freedom at any cost. Even if they have to sacrifice their lives by not adhering to pandemic protocols. Aquarius highlights the needs of the group over the individual’s personal needs. To achieve their goals. they unite. These groups can sometimes manifest in ugly gangs.

These cycles have come back around again. The hyper-nationalism of the late 1930s & ’40s definitely came up again. This due to the migration of refugees fleeing famine or war.

The Duke of Cornwall, the former King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne to marry Wallace Simpson was being courted by Hitler. Simpson pulling him away from the throne may have changed the world for the better. England’s monarchy was saved from becoming a dictatorship.

At the same time, there were Hitler rallies in New York City. These were large rallies. One filled Madison Square Garden. Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford were Natzi sympathizers.

Unfortunately in the last 20 years, there have been people of power and influence making money by stoking division and hatred against the “other” in our country.

Rupert Murdock figures prominently on that score. Other European countries have seen this hyper-nationalism rear its ugly head again too. When you couple this fascist wave with the networking of Aquarius it’s frightening. The flip side of this expression is the net to help disenfranchised people. The collective loses individuation like Aquarius’s nature models. The group becomes important. It looks like humanitarianism can start to take root now in the current changing American political climate and experience.

Patience and fortitude need to be adhered to at these changing times. The pandemic has brought a desperate need to people who never experienced it before. No jobs or food. This level playing field can enlighten the world to a more sympathetic and compassionate world view.

Twenty years ago when the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was at 22° Taurus, this twenty-year cycle brought up some financial concerns. These concerns were about money, resources, and values. What do you value? What is your value? What are your resources to support yourself? That’s Taurus, what do I have?
This indicated a struggle for survival. We had 2008 near depression and in 2020 another one.
Well, that Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle ended with a bang!

The new Aquarius 20 year cycle starting December 21st, 2020 at 0° Aquarius an Air (communication, collective community) sign demands networking and merging through the connection of common goals to raise us up. Uranus the Ruler of Aquarius changes things and upgrades. Saturn the ancient ruler of Aquarius demands accountability. Jupiter is about expansion and Saturn limiting that expansion in a responsible way. Go slow, slow your roll, and construct something that will have a solid foundation.

The current influence of Pluto has torn down our systems and structures over the last couple of years. It will continue the demolition for a few more years to come. America’s Pluto return will have us rising from our ashes like the Phoenix, Pluto’s most exalted form.

Uranus is in Taurus changing things up. Money is changing in its valuation. Goods from the earth that sustain us will receive new innovations to increase the yield to feed the hungry. Unfortunately, the Pandemic did its job to have fewer mouths to feed. Our values are definitely changing and that will be for the better with Uranus’s transit in Taurus.

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