Saturn in Pisces

By Susan Vega

On March 7th Saturn ingresses into Pisces approximately 1 hour after the full Moon in Virgo. The Sabian symbol for the ingress degree is 18°Virgo “A Ouija Board”. At the time of the ingress the Moon was 17° of Virgo. The Moon is in a solstice relationship with Jupiter at 13° Aries. They are in Anticia which means they have a special relationship and work together. They can even trade places. Their numerical value equates to 30° so they qualify for Anticia as they share a solstice relationship. If you folded the chart in half at the Cancer Capricorn opposition so Cancer touches Gemini and Capricorn touches Sagittarius you can see Aries and Virgo also line up as dance partners. To also bring great significance to the Moon it’s a Singleton in the Ingress chart. That means it’s the only planet on one side of the chart. All the other planets flow through it like paying a toll at the tunnel.

chart of Saturn ingress in Pisces, Washington DC

Don’t forget the Moon in Virgo in the 5th house emphasizes women’s health and motherhood (in the United States ingress chart, set for Washington DC). Jupiter trading planes shows pregnancy and expansion as well as protection of women’s rights over their bodies and decisions on childbearing.

Now that Oujia Board energy touches everything. Psychic phenomena is elevated now. When Saturn was in Aquarius the traditional values of the past blended with the broad mindedness of Aquarius. The earthy practically of Saturn and the broad perspective and logic of the air sign Aquarius. Saturn rules Capricorn and is a co-ruler of Aquarius. Aquarius takes the successes of Capricorn and reinvents them or expands on the proven structure. Aquarius distributes and diffuses information and has humanitarian qualities. Atheism became much more prevalent under Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn the “boss” or God in this instance was sort of distributed to the God in all of us. Religion was somewhat diffused in society.

Now that Saturn has entered Pisces, Spirituality is on the rise, as well as spiritualism and occultism – the things you can’t see but must tap into faith to realize. Saturn is a reality check it’s going to cut out what is not needed. It’s going to make you evaluate extremes such has radical religious beliefs or extreme gullibility.

Saturn will expose and help to eliminate subterfuge. You can already see this in the news in sussing out lies and baseless conspiracy theories. Lies exposed on film and emails proving how the people (the Moon) have been deceived. Saturn has entered Jupiter’s territory. Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Twelfth house and 9th house issues are up for editing and sorting to see if they go onto the chopping block to be cut out of our lives. Saturn don’t play!  In the 9th house one negative manifestation is the lust for power. Jupiter rules opulence, grandiosity, and riches. It rules litigation and the courts. On the flip side it rules generosity and the 9th rules foreign lands. We do step up to assist allies in trouble.

Jupiter expands and Saturn comes along and restricts. Those Saturnian rings set up boundaries.

With Jupiter spending some time share intervals in Virgo – due to the tie with the Moon – he will have his work cut out for him. He’ll be in detriment there, not quite as powerful, but hey it’s Jupiter the luck Guru so don’t count him out. If pandemics rear up again he’ll help navigate the crises or better yet Saturn’s hold on him may lesson the the severity since Saturn will stop the expansion.

Let’s look at some Pisces 12th house expressions:

Prisons, plagues, penitentiaries, seclusion, curtailment of liberty, spies, secret service, secret societies, conspiracies, assignation, plots, morgues, punishment of crimes, self undoing, secret enemies, large organizations, clandestine organizations, psychic phenomenon, limitations, clinics and hospitals, spirits, spiritual practices, occult religions, intuition, astral entities, Oceans and water.

Let’s look at some Jupiter 9th house expressions:

Jupiter rules expansion, obesity, litigation, the courts, truth seeking, hopefulness, foreign trade, religion, spirituality, journalism, animals especially large ones.

Now you can see Saturn reigning in the pharmaceutical industry. They were pressured to lower the price of insulin for diabetes from many hundred dollars a month down to $35 a month. Saturn in action! Fairness and balance restored to the people.

As above so below, what prompted me to write this article was how many new TV shows had psychic phenomena included in the character development. Here’s a list.

Psychic phenomena:

Ghost: B&B owner sees and befriends the ghosts of the house.

Will Trent: a detective who can visualize the crimes, heightened intuition.

Not Dead Yet: An obit writer is visited by the dead until their obituary is completed.

Poker Face: A poker player banned by casinos because she spots lies, solving murders too.

The Rookie: A new intern rookie that is very intuitive and follows spiritual practices.

The Good Doctor: He seems to have an internal MRI in his brain able to troubleshoot patient’s situations.

Shows with subterfuge:

True Lies: A secret spy trying to pass as a normal family man,

The Company You Keep: A con man and a CIA agent fall in love hiding their true careers.

Unprisioned: Dad getting out of prison. I haven’t seen this yet.


I should point out the duality of Pisces. It’s glyph shows one fish struggling to navigate the mundane world while being tied to the other fish blissfully trying to rise to the heavens. Remember that Ouija board is activated now and Saturn will shape or ship out Jupiter’s indulgence’s

The 12th house is our psyche and our past life. Pay attention to your spirit guides and ancestors. Trust your intuition and listen to your gut. Learn from History ( ruled by the Moon), it always repeats. Plant seeds of kindness empathy and sympathy while building your future on truth and justice. Fairness and equality are important when creating an ideal life.



The book of Saturn by Zipphora Dobyns

The Rulership Book by Rex Bills

tower card from tarot

By Susan Vega

World War I   (Austria/Hungary declares war on Serbia)


7+28+19+14= 68

7+2+8+1+9+1+4=32   3+2=5

World War II (Germany invaded Poland on this date)



9+1+1+9+3+9=32   3+2=5

Invasion of Ukraine  (Russia invades Ukraine)



2+24+2+0+2+2=32     3+2=5

Five often represents a challenge or conflict that needs to be addressed. In Tarot it’s related to the astrological fixed energy or quality. It’s rooted, static and resistant to change.

Fives of the Major Arcana Tarot cards containing V (5)

The Emperor IV contains a V (5). It represents a father figure leadership and unyielding power. It’s astrological element is fire which is action oriented and inspirational. The ruler is Mars the warrior in astrology.

The Hierophant V represents conservative values. The symbolism refers to a shared collective identity sharing traditional beliefs. The astrological sign is Taurus and the associated Planet is Venus. It’s the Earth Element. Venus rules over value and money. Tarot’s Pentacles represent money and value also.

The Lovers VI A possible union or partnership requiring a sacrifice and a decision. The Astrological element is air the ruling planet is Mercury.  

The Chariot VII is about overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive way. It requires willpower, determination, commitment, and conviction to be victorious. It can represent control, war and revenge seeking.

The astrological element is water (Cancer) the ruling planet is the Moon.

Strength VIII  The image is of a woman with her tamed Lion. Strength of character tamed the beast indicating a triumphant victorious outcome. It’s about self control and courage. This is related to the sign Leo ruled by the Sun. It’s element is fire.

Temperance XIV Patience and balance is required here. The Tarot card depicts a figure pouring water from one location to another, It’s element is fire (Sagittarius) and the ruling planet is Jupiter.

The Tower XVI is commonly interpreted as crisis, danger destruction and liberation. It’s associated with sudden unforeseen change, a volatile situation, and catastrophe. It can indicate bankruptcy and being ousted or overthrown. The planetary ruler is Mars, fire is the element. Mars applied to the Tower indicates combative destruction by a rousing force.

The Moon XVIII   The moon is a depiction of illusion and obfuscation.  The moon is associated with suppressed emotions. It’s about the past, possessions can bring back memories. It’s also about transformation elevating from one lower stage to a higher one. It represents intuition and creativity it’s associated with Pisces and is in the water element. The ruling Planet is the Moon.

These divinatory exploration practices: Astrology Numerology and Tarot work well in concert and reveal   a multitude of information to our questions.  They are often overlapping in their revelations.

By Susan Vega


When we first learn the nature of the modalities in astrology, we connect to their energies.  Signs of the same Modality, also known as Quadruplicities, are 90° apart.

The Cardinal signs take action, fixed stays put and doesn’t want change, mutable is flexible and can move around obstacles.

We associate fixed as having a natural resistance to change. We’ve been taught their resistance can also manifest into a stubborn nature.

The fixed glyphs are used symbolically in the Bible as the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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lunar eclipse


We study cycles and history does repeat itself, let’s hope for our new technological Renaissance to emerge from this traumatic transformational chrysalis.

The duration of the recent Partial Eclipse November 19, 2021 was 3 hours 28 minutes and 24 seconds, making it the longest in 580 years. The last time a Partial Lunar eclipse this long happened was on 18 February 1440, It lasted 3 Hours 28 minutes and 46 seconds. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find the astrological sign it occurred in.

A Partial lunar eclipse happens when the earth moves between the Sun and the Moon but the three celestial bodies are not perfectly aligned. As a result, the earth only shadows a part of the moon, and not the whole thing. A Partial eclipse is 9 degrees to 11 degrees away from the nodal axis,

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By Susan Vega, Astrologer

Asclepius and HygeiaAsclepius the God of medicine, healing, rejuvenation, and physicians. He was the grandson of Jupiter and the father of Hygeia. He was trained by Chiron. His symbol is the rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, which remains a symbol of medicine today.

Asclepius was the son of Apollo and, according to the earliest accounts, a mortal woman named Coronis. When she displayed infidelity by sleeping with a mortal named Ischys, Apollo came to know this with his prophetic powers and killed Ischys. Coronis was killed by Artemis for being unfaithful to Apollo and was laid out on a funeral pyre to be consumed by fire, but Apollo rescued the child by cutting him from Coronis’s womb.

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By Susan Vega Astrologer

Jupiter is conjunct Saturn at 0° Aquarius on December 21st, 2020. This is the beginning of a new era. A new 20-year cycle. All the ‘rules’ on how society works will be examined and re-written.

Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts with its rings which limit expansion with its rules and regulations.
Saturn’s all about slow your roll and does the work. Jupiter is the ever-expanding balloon.
Saturn’s job is to keep it in check so it doesn’t destroy itself by bursting beyond its own limits.

Saturn is the traditional ruler of the conjunction. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. It’s a new world being birthed from old structures. Funny that Uranus is in Taurus at the time of the new 20-year cycle and is sort of mirroring that air/earth union, or the emergence of air springing forth from the earth.

Information, innovation, and technological advances will be disseminated to the masses.
It brings to mind a weed bursting forth from the concrete.

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By Susan Vega Astrologer

November 14, 2020

Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarius rising chart and is strong in its own sign of Pisces in the 3rd house.

This chart (shown below) of the Saturn Square Uranus seems to reflect Jupiter’s expansive optimism of reaching foreign lands with this vaccine product born of scientific research (Sagittarius, natural 9th house ruler which rules experts and foreign lands) in relation to its baggage of the Virus (Covid19). Pisces is also ruled by Jupiter as well as Neptune and holds the natural dominion of the 12th house. The 12th house rules things you can’t see like an invisible air-borne virus. It also rules hospitals. It’s the house of the unseen enemy.

In this chart, Jupiter is in the 3rd house of travel (natural opposition to the 9th house of foreign lands) adding to the confusion of the rollout. Saturn, which limits also is in the third house and demands accountability and attention to detail with the distributions.

Uranus located in the 6th house of health and, also illness is in the Sign of Taurus. Uranus is the scientific discovery as well as the distribution to the people because it rules distribution to the masses. Coincidentally Uranus is an air sign. Taurus gives the manifestation into material physical reality.

This date of June 14th, 2021 is the Uranus square Saturn I feel is a marker of the struggle to deliver the Covid19 vaccine. There is a Mercury RX retrograde causing “snaffoos” in travel. This is a difficult delivery due to the necessity of the subzero temperatures needed to keep this vaccine stable and viable. Below you can see the Sabian symbols which help to describe the degree of energy. The Moon represents the people, Hygia is about health. Mars is action (also rules fevers). Mars is ready for battle. On 6/14/21 It’s at the degree where Uranus was when the first case occurred in the U.S. on December 31, 2020, 2 degrees of Leo. Pluto is death and transformation. Another interesting note is that Pluto is in the 2nd house and exemplifies the powerful amount of financial resources put forth by the government to roll out this life-saving vaccine. A side note which I found interesting is that these Saturn Uranus degrees also line up with Joe Biden’s 3rd and 6th house cusps 13° Aquarius and 13°Taurus. The sixth house in his chart also rules the daily job. Taurus manifests. The last time he was in the White House he worked hard to implement  Obama care, the ACA affordable care act.


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 By Susan Vega Astrologer

On December 31, China notified WHO about a cluster of pneumonia cases possibly due to a novel coronavirus.

The first COVID case was discovered Sunday November 17, 2019, but it would be weeks before China could gather enough data for it’s report. Some conjecture has been made that the outbreak was kept under wraps for a number of reasons. One was a big important government celebration that would have been canceled.

November 17th 2019

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction of May, 2000 was 22° Taurus. The Sun was at 24°Scorpio. The 1st documented day of the pandemic outbreak at the opposition of the 2000 conjunction. To date, 2020 has been at the mercy of this Pandemic. It’s a life and death survival ordeal for many of the world’s population.

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, has dominion over death. Scorpio also rules distribution of money and food. The ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars, which rules fevers.

January 12th 2020

Saturn and Pluto made it’s conjunction, along with other Planets and a major asteroid:

Saturn 22°47’ Capricorn
Pluto 22°46’ Capricorn
Sun 22°0’ Capricorn
Mercury 23°20’ Capricorn
Ceres 22°36’ Capricorn

The asteroid Ceres is the Mother Earth. She rules health, nutrition, and agriculture. She also symbolizes fertility.

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Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Saturn is about restriction, responsibility, tenacity, and limitations.

Saturn rulerships that resonate now: Abandoned places, administration, aged persons, agriculture, chronic ailments, apathy, ambitious persons, TV anchors, animosity, anxieties, arrests, bankruptcies, bans, blood plasma, boredom, places of business, cadavers, cads, callousness, coffins, commodities, common sense, confinement, congestion, Congress, conscientiousness, contempt, cemeteries, workers, conventions, debts, deceit, delays, denial, depression, destitution, disease, distress, duty, economy ,embargo, employment, failures, falls from position, falsehoods, fatalities, funerals,  gloves, government, grief, hoarding, hate, illness, integrity, isolation, jealousy, laboratories, malaria, masks, mistrust, morgues, mourners, mortality, mortgages, necessities, obituaries, obedience, poverty, prevention, quarantine, recession, sadness, suffering, toxins, ulterior motives, vacant property.*

Aquarius is about distribution to the collective. Especially information, but distribution of commodities also. It’s about connections and networking. It rules connections in the body.  It rules freedom as rebellions too. Its ruler Uranus is unpredictable, rebellious, and quick acting.*

Aquarius rulerships that resonate now: Airplanes, aviation, automobiles manufactures and dealers, circulation of blood, irregularities of the heart, House of Representatives, Detroit Michigan, Hamburg Germany, Iran, Israel, Massachusetts, Los Angeles California, Russia, Piedmont Italy,Psychologists, radio and television, rebellions, societies, telephones, Zoom meetings and face time.* Read more

Venus de Milo statue

Venus retrograde in Gemini is always about communication.

The smart phone was actually created in 1992 and released in 1994.

Venus retrograded in Gemini in 2004, new innovation continued and the Apple iPhone was introduced in 2007, this changed how we communicate.

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