Fixed signs as your Avatar guides

By Susan Vega


When we first learn the nature of the modalities in astrology, we connect to their energies.  Signs of the same Modality, also known as Quadruplicities, are 90° apart.

The Cardinal signs take action, fixed stays put and doesn’t want change, mutable is flexible and can move around obstacles.

We associate fixed as having a natural resistance to change. We’ve been taught their resistance can also manifest into a stubborn nature.

The fixed glyphs are used symbolically in the Bible as the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Taurus the bull, an earth sign, Leo the lion a fire sign, and the water sign Scorpio is symbolized by the scorpion in its lower stage then graduating to the soaring eagle in its higher transformational expression.  Finally, the Angel of Aquarius, a human that transcends to an angelic being becoming one with the universe. The water flowing from his urn symbolizes the distribution of communication and ideas because Aquarius is an air sign.

These symbols show our animal nature on a journey of transcendence and transformation. This morphing into a new existence is something we fear and dread, a painful change we would rather avoid. This fits well with the idea that the fixed signs are resistant to change.

Largely because of this biblical association and to the pain of transformation.

The middle degree of the fixed signs, 15° of fixed is known as the Avatar degree. This position is deemed a magical degree.

That midpoint of the sign is thought to be the most resistant to change.

We have a “fixed” notion that the fixed signs are static and don’t want to move forward or make changes.  But another way to view them is through the lens of their ability to transform.

The fixed signs follow the cardinal signs in the zodiac.

The cardinals initiate action, and the fixed signs manifest the initiated intent.


Aries/ I am.

Taurus/ I manifest and realize my value.

Cancer/ I nurture, root and nest.

Leo / I create, I bring forth new life.

Libra/ I relate to another.

Scorpio/ I transform relations to a deeper union.

Capricorn/ I build.

Aquarius/ I distribute what I’ve built.


In my opinion we need to rethink our fixed sign houses.

The Cardinal signs are associated with initiation.

They’re action oriented.

They are also located behind the fixed signs so they can take on a 12th house effect or role to the fixed signs. The 12th supports the next sign. It’s where actions are in a developmental stage unseen by others. These rumblings are below the surface and have not yet been born into existence this is the womb or the cocoon. It’s the sign before our birth in the natal chart, and supports who we are in the first house of how we appear to others.

The fixed signs give life to the intended actions of the Cardinal signs. They manifest them into reality.

For instance, the Moon manifests in Taurus, it’s sign of exaltation.

The Avatars manifest initiated creations.

So, to recap the fixed signs are not as fixed as we thought them to be. We all have these signs in our chart. Look at these houses as areas of manifestation in your life. These houses are ripe with possibilities for you.

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