URANUS IN TAURUS 2018-2026 by Barbara Ruzzene

Uranus transits the sun in 84 years.  Uranus spends about 7 years in a sign.   

Uranus is the fixed air sign of Aquarius.  It is the planet of rebellion, revolution, abrupt, and sudden changes, lightning, earthquakes, future technology, computers, cell phones, space travel alien acknowledgment, robots and the start of a major robotic change to the world and corporations. Uranus is the sign of the genius. Uranus paves the way with new inventions, new music (new age) humanitarian and social revolutions and changes. Beats to its own drum.

But before we dive into what this means for us, I want to share a little history about our friend, Uranus. According to Greek Mythology, he was the God of the sky and heavens. He visited Gaia (Earth) every night to mate with her, and it was in their nightly unions that the 12 Titans were born. However, Uranus felt threatened by his offspring and would hide them away deep in the earth. Gaia wasn’t pleased with these disruptions and plotted against Uranus with the strongest of her Titans. Their son, Saturn (aka Cronus), stepped up to the plate and castrated Uranus. As his genitals fell to the sea, Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born—something beautiful arising from a period of chaos.

TAURUS is an Earth Sign. And is a very stable, fixed earth sign.  Slow to move and stubborn. Likes substance, what we have in the material world, and what it is worth.   It rules the Real Estate, Jewelry, possessions, gardening, things of comfort and beauty, and MONEY. Banks, taxes, real estate, stocks, bonds, currencies, cars, and precious stones and medals. We can touch it, pick it up, and call it “Mine” What we call Food, Clothing, and Shelter.  Our self-esteem comes from what we have, own, and can buy and sell. OUR WORTH Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and comfort.  This would include clothing, shoes, jewelry, our esthetic homes, makeup, comfort for our bodies, such as massages, surgeries to look better, exercise. Of course, Taurus has a natural palette for fine food and superb culinary talents which make food a luxury and a gifted craft. Taurus also rules the throat.  From here we get excellent voices and singers.  Since Taurus is also ruled by VENUS… music is added here.

Considering that Uranus is sudden, quick and original, combined with Taurus that is slow, stable, unchanging, and loves tradition, these are strange bedfellows, to say the least.

URANUS IN TAURUS:   Uranus in Taurus makes us question how important we feel about our material and financial well-being.  TAURUS WANTS SECURITY, and URANUS WANTS freedom. This is the awakening of our appreciation of all that surrounds us

But before we dive into what this means for us, I want to share a little history about our friend, Uranus. According to Greek Mythology, he was the God of the sky and heavens. He visited Gaia (Earth) every night to mate with her, and it was in their nightly unions that the 12 Titans were born. However, Uranus felt threatened by his offspring and would hide them away deep in the earth. Gaia wasn’t pleased with these disruptions and plotted against Uranus with the strongest of her Titans. Their son, Saturn (aka Cronus), stepped up to the plate and castrated Uranus. As his genitals fell to the sea, Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born—something beautiful arising from a period of chaos.


1934 – 1941 This was the time of the great depression, our great plains and farming was deeply affected by Dust Storms, and a huge migration of people moving west looking for work (money), food and a 2,000,000 were homeless.    WW2 – world revolution. Land, borders, and money changed all over the world. Uranus is sudden – atomic bomb entered the world. Social security was started by FDR, trade unions began to flourish, Unemployment and pensions were started.  Taurus rules the throat, and two world-famous speeches by FDR and Churchill were given. The world turmoil increased and Germany suffered an economic collapse. Hitler and Fascism were allowed to rise, (absolutely in keeping with Uranus,) the global economic pain increased interest with Communism.  Communism is by nature appropriate to the planet Uranus.   The world began to form lines of LEFT AND RIGHT. Serious political and social change.


1851 The gold-rush.  This was expansive, created a great migration again looking for money, homes, and riches.  300,000 people looking for sustenance. People began investing and the UK began printing paper money after a ship carrying gold sank. The gold rush continued until Uranus moved into Gemini.

1850 This is when PT Barnum started a two-year tour with a Swedish opera singer (throat), Jenny Lind – Lind Mania   Lind and Barnum made serious amounts of money and she donated it to free Swedish schools (social changes).


Over the next 7-8 years, we will see a tremendous change in how we feel about our material and financial well-being.  REMEMBER TAURUS WANTS SECURITY AND URANUS WILL ALWAYS DEMAND FREEDOM. Wanting our material things and learning to SHARE WHAT WE HAVE.


Do we really need a big mortgage, high taxes, fancy cars, credit card debt with high-interest rates???  REMEMBER URANUS WANTS freedom. Shedding your possessions will help you to achieve your version of freedom.   REALIZING that disposable articles of material things bring comfort and convenience to your life…  IT HURTS THE EARTH, AIR, AND WATER with the excess of using up all the Earth’s precious resources.  How you look at your possessions will change. Uranus will make you realize it is time to go through your things, and DISPOSE of the Stuff you don’t need, and to downsize due to financial, and ecological reasons.

Re-evaluate your possessions.  All of them. Give away or destroy items that are holding you back spirituality, especially expensive items that you do not use or need. Stop throwing good things away.  And take attentive care of the things you want.  Learn to work with your hands and move away from disposable culture of abundance.  


The Mythological Prometheus (Uranus) brought fire to humans to advance their life and to free them from hunger and cold.  Now the universe brings us the genius of technology and a computerized world.

Uranus will bring non- stop fast-paced technology and invention.  Robots will replace workers in every area you can think of. The demand for homes will produce different styles of home, and materials that homes are used for building.

Tiny homes, cargo bins from ships, treehouses, etc., Our homes, cars, etc., with be filled with nonstop gizmos and convenience style options.


Because Uranus in Taurus is ruled by Venus – it will spend the entire 8 years evaluating the issues that Venus rules and governs, such as finances, abundance, beauty, art, feminine issues, such women’s rights, new and innovative ways to create the fashion world, clothing, earrings, shoes, architecture, gardens, anything for the home, new styles for makeup hair styling.  Prepare for the unusual and convenience. You will see these themes surface and increase in technology and creativity throughout this time.

The vibes of ART will be going strong.  Spending time and money on art, creative hobbies, furniture that is artistic and coincides with the vein of ecology issues we will be facing head-on.   New ideas of decorating homes, including paints, WINDOWS, landscaping, grass, man-made woods (possibly made from Hemp) Man-made furniture made from the Earth??? Technology will produce new materials that visually beautiful and sustainable.

Getting in touch with your physical body through health, being touched (Taurus demands comfort), massages, hairdressers, spas, will be in demand.

On the downside, Taurus rules the throat and the thyroid.   They may be breakthroughs for throat cancer AND/OR rise in throat cancers and thyroid problems (Nuclear energy will bring Thyroid cancers)

A new style of music and singers may appear, and since Music is under Taurus and Venus, expect NEW AGE music to reach the masses.  Maybe new instruments, sounds, voices, and all will have a touch of the EARTH with it. HOW ABOUT THE SOUND OF WIND THROUGH THE TREES AS MUSIC. ART APPRECIATION WILL BE A MAJOR THEME.

However, Uranus energy will bring electric styles of art… shocking colors of pink and blue with holograms, music and the ability for the music to shock you.

The Taurus Venus energies will bring relationships and changes with GENDER. Uranus will liberate you from oppressive rigid modes of viewing beauty in a variety of physical presentations.

Possibly relationships, concepts of love and affection will have some twists and turns   The last time Uranus was in Taurus was WW2 Relationships were torn apart because of war/depression and unemployment. I don’t expect it to be that bad, SHIFTING SANDS IN RELATIONSHIPS WILL FIND STABILITY WHILE STAYING OPEN TO CHANGE.


Uranus in Taurus will impact the earth regarding planting, farming, fertilizing, growing, farm equipment, sustainability, and attention to the care and added freedom for farm animals.  (Imagine, Farm Animals outside in the sunshine and grass… What a concept)

Growing the food we eat, how we process it, cook and eat it will all change.  Organic and vegetarian cooking will increase. People will want food from the earth, not a factory or filled with fillers, dyes, and chemicals. Local farms and markets will spring up everywhere.

Hurrah!!!  Taurus is the bull and the use of cows, cattle and livestock will be impacted.  Do cows want to be liberated??? New ways of milking cows are already used. In Upstate New York, the cows are already milking themselves. There is now set in place and spreading is a brave new world of udder care: robotic milkers, which feed and milk cow after cow without the help of a single farmhand.  This is changing age-old patterns of daily farm life and reinvigorating the allure of agriculture for a younger, tech-savvy — and manure-averse — generation.

Appreciation of the earth, water, trees, the air we breathe will be acknowledged.  New ways of farming will be instituted. Already, we are planting vertically under lights, the use of Organic seeds are demanded and used by different farms.

Here are many ways of ways that farming could change the world for the better.

  • Drones and Agrobots. Digital farming is a rapidly growing industry. …
  • Smart Sensors and Big Data. …
  • Greenhouses. …
  • Soil Fertility and Plant Health. …
  • The Right Foods.

A New Way of  Organic farming is done by using vermicompost, green leaf manures, crop rotation, animal manure as fertilizer, biofertilizer, and other biological management techniques. This means farming according to the natural ways and methods of cultivation without addition or spray of artificial chemicals.


Private, regional, personal and national gardens will be surfacing.  Start a garden… even if it is one seed, one plant, you need to take this opportunity to connect with the earth and watch the magnificent magic of a plant growing.

Let’s face it.  Taurus rules money – and everything it allows us to collect our possessions.  Combination of this plus the upcoming Pluto-Saturn in Capricorn will change our economic foundation.

Invest in alternative economies, cryptocurrencies and be aware of the potential of upheaval in the global financial markets.  Begin to participate in barter – swap- trade economies in your communities.

Money is not anything either.  It is merely an outmoded symbolic system that technology can and will be replaced, as soon as we are ready to let go of attachment to hierarchy. 



EARTH CHANGES, WEATHER PATTERNS WILL ALWAYS CHANGE THE EARTH.   New patterns are warmer oceans, higher temperatures, wild-fires, tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, PLUS Uranus rules earthquakes.

There will be mass migrations of people moving from famine, drought, disease and looking for land to plant for their family and community. By looking for greener pastures, we will have to evaluate the bad management of the earth and farming practices. POLLUTION IN THE OCEAN will be addressed.  Fish can and will bring Thyroid disease from the chemicals and fertilizers. New ways of fishing are now being utilized wherein it has a less negative impact on the ecology of the ocean.   We had time to invent many possible ways of fishing because we have been fishing and eating fish for 40,000 years.


  •  Re-evaluate your possessions. Fix and repair old and broken….do not throw away good things
  • Start a garden.  Eat organic, and grow your own food
  • Transform the way you eat.  No more processed foods learn to cook.
  • Celebrate beauty and appreciate the new art forms in all the areas of creative  beauty standards claim an inherent right to beauty, comfort, and joy. Gain moral goodness
  • Celebrate changing love relationships what romance means women’s right will be in view
  • Your attitude of what you have and what your need will change  you are not your bank account. Your peace of mind will change when you are not so attached to debt, mortgages, and credit.
  • Invest in alternative economies, cryptocurrencies and precious metals and stones.  Our money, banks, and investments will change and be transformed
  • Separate your worth from your wealth.

If you have Taurus on an angle 1,4,7, or 10 you will feel this transit.

Anything in Taurus will be transformed as you are liberated

Leo and Aquarius will be hit by a square – a crisis created in change.  Scorpio will oppose Uranus and can deliver an abrupt result or ending. The opposition will consist of challenges of the “other”.

Virgo and Capricorn will have an easier gentler download of freedom via the trines. Trines allow changes to happen naturally.

Water signs will receive a gentle sextile, which could manifest into something new and intriguing

The keywords as we experience this upcoming Uranus transit in Taurus will be the awakening of our appreciation of all that surrounds us.  What we can see, touch, feel, hold, love, eat, create, and hear…  appreciate the waves of the Ocean, the wind in the trees, the warm sun on our faces, the wonderful blessing of the bounty and gifts of the earth, and cook fresh and organically, welcome and love the animals that do-exist with us.  They need our help, guidance, and help. Save the bees, protect the endangered animals, donate to animal shelters, acknowledge and protect every tree, bush and flower.


Article by Barbara Ruzzene
Contact her at BarbaraRuzzene@me.com



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