The First Conspiracy

The First Conspiracy by Susan Vega

George Washington was born February 22, 1732 birth time source: Astrodatabank. He was born in King George County or Westmoreland Va. Near Fredricksburg Virginia. In 1789 he was inaugurated as our first President.
This bit of lost history lies at the center of Brad Meltzer’s new book The First Conspiracy (co-written with Josh Mensch). Meltzer rose to the top of the bestseller lists with his political thriller novels including Dead Even. This is his first non-fiction book.

I was inspired by Brad’s “The First Conspiracy” to check out the astrology of President George Washington. In researching another novel Mr. Meltzer stumbled across some shocking information. There was an assassination attempt on General Washington’s life. A little something left out of the history books.

I encourage you to read this book it’s an easy read bringing history to life. it’s an interesting story, and apparently one we’ve not heard before.

You Outlander fans are familiar with the corrupt Governor that taxed the settlers in North Carolina till they ended up in servitude or debtor’s prison. Their taxes built the opulent Governor’s mansion. Governor William Tyron was in power for six years in North Carolina. In 1771 he moved up to serve as the governor of New York. He was a British loyalist and vowed to prevent any acts of rebellion against the King. He couldn’t hang the rebels like he did the dirt poor ‘“regulators “in North Carolina. Then, as now families were sometimes divided due to political loyalties. Ben Franklin’s own son William Franklin the Governor of New Jersey was a loyalist. Allegiances shifted like sand, and some people went back and forth. This created an environment of distrust and fear. It also led to lots of double-crossing., and the beginnings of our covert intelligence operations.

George Washington, as Commander in charge of the colonial militia was considered enemy #1 by Tyron. Washington’s reputation spread far and wide throughout the colonies. He was a stickler for discipline with the troops. No displays of drunkenness or gambling was tolerated. It was a job in and of itself to shape up this rag tag army of country boys. Tyron set out to plot against him. The conspiracy even filtrated into Washington’s protection detail, his own personal bodyguards. Espionage and intelligence became critical components for the Revolutionary War.

June 17th 1776 just before noon, the New York provincial congress became aware of the conspiracy involving George’s bodyguards. Washington kept the plot to kill him a secret. He didn’t want the public to know that his bodyguards plotted against him. Commander Washington was 44 years old at the time. I don’t want to reveal how the conspiracy was uncovered so as not to give away the juicy details from Brad’s book. Suffice to say when you see something say something saved the day. A prostitute was employed to become a spy when the plot was uncovered.

When George was 11 years old his Father Augustine Washington died, it was April 12th 1743. George went to live with his Half-brother Lawrence, who was in his mid-twenties. George was the eldest of five children by his Father’s second wife. Lawrence mentored George and transformed him from a country boy into a Virginia gentleman with a strong code of ethics. George kept a book of rules to live by and used it when grooming his troops. George admired his brother’s dedication to purpose and grand ethics. Lawrence led a life of glory as a military officer. Upon his brother’s death, George decided to follow in his footsteps and petitioned to fill his brother’s shoes in his military career. He was awarded the post due to his good reputation even though he lacked military experience. Before this George earned a good living as a surveyor. There was lots of land to be divided up. This familiarity with the territories became a very valuable asset to him in his second career. In 1752 George eventually ended up inheriting Mount Vernon from the will directives of his half-brother Lawrence.

July 3rd 1775 George was named as the commander of the Continental army during the meeting of the second Continental Congress the drums of war were beating and rebellion was fervently felt among the participants. This meeting was surely viewed as an act of treason by the British crown. This radical new concept of freedom from oppression had spread to America. At the time Colonel Washington was a delegate from Virginia and showed up in his dress uniform due to the gravity of the occasion. He stood tall among the crowd as he was over 6’. He stood out and made a good impression with his perfect posture. He didn’t speak much but listened intently and when he did speak, it was with conviction. His stature seemed to exemplify the gravitas of the movement.

He led America’s Continental Army to victory over Britain in the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783), and in 1789 was elected the first President of the United States of America. He served two four-year terms from 1789 to 1797, winning reelection in 1792. Because of his central and critical role in the founding of the United States, Washington is referred to as father of the nation.

After being pinned down in the battle of Brooklyn they devised a plan to remove his troops boat by boat. Washington waited till his last man was saved before saving himself. He was honorable and decent.

I was so surprised to learn firstly that George was a Pisces, and secondly that he had that sign and his Piscean Sun and Venus intercepted in the 11th house. Well, it makes a lot of since that you would go through his rebel Aquarian house to reach the intercepted hidden from view Piscean planets. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and you could see that he was a stickler for protocol and decorum, not our initial take on Aquarius, but Saturn is all about that. His Capricorn midheaven also ruled by Saturn reveals his dedication, discipline, and serious demeanor. The 10th house cusp is 29 degrees which is an anoretic or fate degree. It’s just dipping its hardworking career and goal minded toe into the Aquarian dream for freedom, even if it’s through rebellion. The Sabian Symbol for his midheaven is: “A secret meeting of men responsible for executive Decisions in World affairs”. That’s the meaning of that degree, a glimpse of the energy at play.

George was adaptable, a very Piscean trait. He was also concerned for the welfare of others. He was compassionate, another Pisces quality. Interesting how the intercepted 11th house of groups hid a despicable treacherous plot to end his life. His Venus exalted in Pisces was also at the fate degree of 29 and was conjunct the Aries point in the chart. With Aries in the 12th house there was a lot of strategizing behind the scenes. Aires’s ruler Mars is dignified in Scorpio and located in the 7th house of open enemies. Mars in Scorpio can uncover the deepest secrets.

The opposite intercepted house of Virgo likely gives him a talent for detail. The ruler Mercury is in his 10th house of career in the sign of Aquarius revealing his thoughts of freedom. Aquarius is an air sign and ideas are important, with Mercury there it could be a quest to free himself and others through his career.

Washington’s Grand air Trine involving Mercury and Jupiter gave him a quick mind. He had to decide matters of war, and most of his decisions were the right ones. When he attended the Constitutional Convention, he understood the arguments made. When he served as president, his Grand air Trine gave him an advantage in his decision making. The Grand Trine helped him to understand the issues. His decisions were usually sound. When he served as president, he acted with resolute swiftness. It was said he was good at math but not so good with writing. His mental processing indicated a talent for military strategy. The air trine also involves Neptune in Gemini. It’s interesting that Neptune and Jupiter both are rulers of Pisces his intercepted house sign. Gemini is information gathering and Neptune is intuition. His Venus in Pisces and Jupiter in Libra are in mutual reception by sign and could act like they can trade places. That Venus is a high focus planet in his chart because it’s at the fated 29 degrees.

Interceptions are generally viewed as an interruption or a skipped step, an area of your life that seemed not to be realized. Interceptions come out to be recognized by others when transits or progressions sort of unlock the door and lets the interception out for all to see. At the time when the assignation plot was discovered George’s secondary progressed midheaven was in Pisces. There was a full moon by transit to his 9th house natal moon. George was having an age 44 profection year involving his 9th house. As you can see an interception can possibly loom very large and be of great import in the native’s chart. Who would have thought a Pisces would be the “Father of our Country”.

The Grand Air Trine involving:
Mercury in 6° Aquarius
Neptune in 14° Gemini
Jupiter in 8° Libra


Brad Meltzer book “The First Conspiracy” interview with Brad Meltzer

Article by Susan Vega Astrologer
Miami, Florida

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