Transformational Times  By Susan Vega

The Saturn Pluto conjunction has been happening by declination through 2019. There is a breaking down of the structure leaving much collateral damage in its wake. There have been natural disasters such as the horrible fires in Australia and California. The fire that nearly destroyed Norte Dame in Paris. The world wide pandemic starting in 2019 called COVID-19 killing so many, and causing the collapse of the economy worldwide.

The Saturn Pluto conjunction was January 12 2020.

It ends January 31st 2021.

There have been protests and rebellions all over the world. Here is a listing:

2018–present: 2018–19 Arab protests.

2018: 2018 Jordanian protests.

2018–2019: Sudanese Revolution, which resulted in the ouster of the President.

2019–2020: 2019 Algerian protests, also called Revolution of Smiles or Hirak Movement.

2019–present: 2019 Iraqi protests, also nicknamed the October Revolution, and 2019 Iraqi Intifada.

2019–present: 2019–20 Lebanese protests, also referred to as the Lebanese revolt.

2018: 2018 Armenian Velvet Revolution, which resulted in the ouster of the Prime Minister.

2018-2019: 2018–19 Gaza border protests, also referred to by organizers as the “Great March of Return”.

2018-present: 2018–20 Nicaraguan protests.

2018–present: 2018–2019 Haitian protests.

2018-present: Yellow vests movement in France.

2019- Venezuelan protests to remove President Nicolas Maduro

2019-present: 2019–20 Hong Kong protests

2019 Puerto Rico Anti-Corruption / Chat scandal Protest.

2019 Ecuadorian protests.

2019–present: 2019 Catalan protests.

2019–present: 2019 Chilean protests, also called “Chilean Spring”.

2019 Bolivian protests.

2019-2020: 2019–20 Iranian protests.

2019–2020: 2019 Colombian protests.

2019-2020: Citizenship Amendment Act protests, in India.

2019- Impeachment of President Trump in the US.

2020- protests against the COVID-19 shelter in place orders in the US.


Saturn imposes restrictions and limits. Pluto is a transformation resulting from the death of something making way for the possible birth of something else.

It’s a difficult painful labor. The United States is having its Pluto return from its original natal position 248 years ago. We are revisiting our constitution. This conjunction is in Capricorn which rules government. Saturn demands accountability. It rules structure. It rules the bones in our bodies that hold us up. This is a very important year and demands our discipline and hard work.

Saturn’s glyph is the sickle of Chronos representing the God of time, the Grim Reaper. Coupled with Pluto which rules death and rebirth this brings forth the image of The Phoenix rising from the ashes.

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  1. Susan Vega
    Susan Vega says:

    We can Now add the world wide protests and riots over the death of George Floyd by Police brutality in late May early June 2020.


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