Saturn ingresses into Pisces

Saturn in Pisces

By Susan Vega

On March 7th Saturn ingresses into Pisces approximately 1 hour after the full Moon in Virgo. The Sabian symbol for the ingress degree is 18°Virgo “A Ouija Board”. At the time of the ingress the Moon was 17° of Virgo. The Moon is in a solstice relationship with Jupiter at 13° Aries. They are in Anticia which means they have a special relationship and work together. They can even trade places. Their numerical value equates to 30° so they qualify for Anticia as they share a solstice relationship. If you folded the chart in half at the Cancer Capricorn opposition so Cancer touches Gemini and Capricorn touches Sagittarius you can see Aries and Virgo also line up as dance partners. To also bring great significance to the Moon it’s a Singleton in the Ingress chart. That means it’s the only planet on one side of the chart. All the other planets flow through it like paying a toll at the tunnel.

chart of Saturn ingress in Pisces, Washington DC

Don’t forget the Moon in Virgo in the 5th house emphasizes women’s health and motherhood (in the United States ingress chart, set for Washington DC). Jupiter trading planes shows pregnancy and expansion as well as protection of women’s rights over their bodies and decisions on childbearing.

Now that Oujia Board energy touches everything. Psychic phenomena is elevated now. When Saturn was in Aquarius the traditional values of the past blended with the broad mindedness of Aquarius. The earthy practically of Saturn and the broad perspective and logic of the air sign Aquarius. Saturn rules Capricorn and is a co-ruler of Aquarius. Aquarius takes the successes of Capricorn and reinvents them or expands on the proven structure. Aquarius distributes and diffuses information and has humanitarian qualities. Atheism became much more prevalent under Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn the “boss” or God in this instance was sort of distributed to the God in all of us. Religion was somewhat diffused in society.

Now that Saturn has entered Pisces, Spirituality is on the rise, as well as spiritualism and occultism – the things you can’t see but must tap into faith to realize. Saturn is a reality check it’s going to cut out what is not needed. It’s going to make you evaluate extremes such has radical religious beliefs or extreme gullibility.

Saturn will expose and help to eliminate subterfuge. You can already see this in the news in sussing out lies and baseless conspiracy theories. Lies exposed on film and emails proving how the people (the Moon) have been deceived. Saturn has entered Jupiter’s territory. Jupiter rules Pisces and Sagittarius. Twelfth house and 9th house issues are up for editing and sorting to see if they go onto the chopping block to be cut out of our lives. Saturn don’t play!  In the 9th house one negative manifestation is the lust for power. Jupiter rules opulence, grandiosity, and riches. It rules litigation and the courts. On the flip side it rules generosity and the 9th rules foreign lands. We do step up to assist allies in trouble.

Jupiter expands and Saturn comes along and restricts. Those Saturnian rings set up boundaries.

With Jupiter spending some time share intervals in Virgo – due to the tie with the Moon – he will have his work cut out for him. He’ll be in detriment there, not quite as powerful, but hey it’s Jupiter the luck Guru so don’t count him out. If pandemics rear up again he’ll help navigate the crises or better yet Saturn’s hold on him may lesson the the severity since Saturn will stop the expansion.

Let’s look at some Pisces 12th house expressions:

Prisons, plagues, penitentiaries, seclusion, curtailment of liberty, spies, secret service, secret societies, conspiracies, assignation, plots, morgues, punishment of crimes, self undoing, secret enemies, large organizations, clandestine organizations, psychic phenomenon, limitations, clinics and hospitals, spirits, spiritual practices, occult religions, intuition, astral entities, Oceans and water.

Let’s look at some Jupiter 9th house expressions:

Jupiter rules expansion, obesity, litigation, the courts, truth seeking, hopefulness, foreign trade, religion, spirituality, journalism, animals especially large ones.

Now you can see Saturn reigning in the pharmaceutical industry. They were pressured to lower the price of insulin for diabetes from many hundred dollars a month down to $35 a month. Saturn in action! Fairness and balance restored to the people.

As above so below, what prompted me to write this article was how many new TV shows had psychic phenomena included in the character development. Here’s a list.

Psychic phenomena:

Ghost: B&B owner sees and befriends the ghosts of the house.

Will Trent: a detective who can visualize the crimes, heightened intuition.

Not Dead Yet: An obit writer is visited by the dead until their obituary is completed.

Poker Face: A poker player banned by casinos because she spots lies, solving murders too.

The Rookie: A new intern rookie that is very intuitive and follows spiritual practices.

The Good Doctor: He seems to have an internal MRI in his brain able to troubleshoot patient’s situations.

Shows with subterfuge:

True Lies: A secret spy trying to pass as a normal family man,

The Company You Keep: A con man and a CIA agent fall in love hiding their true careers.

Unprisioned: Dad getting out of prison. I haven’t seen this yet.


I should point out the duality of Pisces. It’s glyph shows one fish struggling to navigate the mundane world while being tied to the other fish blissfully trying to rise to the heavens. Remember that Ouija board is activated now and Saturn will shape or ship out Jupiter’s indulgence’s

The 12th house is our psyche and our past life. Pay attention to your spirit guides and ancestors. Trust your intuition and listen to your gut. Learn from History ( ruled by the Moon), it always repeats. Plant seeds of kindness empathy and sympathy while building your future on truth and justice. Fairness and equality are important when creating an ideal life.



The book of Saturn by Zipphora Dobyns

The Rulership Book by Rex Bills

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  1. susan vega
    susan vega says:

    Jupiter and the 9th house also rules higher education.
    Saturn imposes restrictions. There are some power hungry people looking to block information to suit their own agenda. Equality and history are being suppressed.

  2. susan vega
    susan vega says:

    Jupiter and the 9th house house rule higher education. Some power hungry politicians are trying to suppress history and equality to suit their own agenda. Saturn’s restriction on information and higher learning.


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