The First Conspiracy by Susan Vega

George Washington was born February 22, 1732 birth time source: Astrodatabank. He was born in King George County or Westmoreland Va. Near Fredricksburg Virginia. In 1789 he was inaugurated as our first President.
This bit of lost history lies at the center of Brad Meltzer’s new book The First Conspiracy (co-written with Josh Mensch). Meltzer rose to the top of the bestseller lists with his political thriller novels including Dead Even. This is his first non-fiction book.

I was inspired by Brad’s “The First Conspiracy” to check out the astrology of President George Washington. In researching another novel Mr. Meltzer stumbled across some shocking information. There was an assassination attempt on General Washington’s life. A little something left out of the history books.
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Where the Sun rises every morning – A New Perspective on the 12th house

The fruit of a 14 year research compiled in his groundbreaking book Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces, Maurice provides, perhaps for the first time, a clear and most profound understanding of this mysterious corner of the zodiac.

The 12th house is commonly associated with very a wide range of seemingly unrelated and yet quite austere themes, from prisons, to addictions, or isolation. We shall explore if there is more to the meanings of this house, where the first rays of lights shine every day.

Maurice will discuss the different signs and planets in the 12th house, and their influence in the birth chart.

Bring your cameras, we are time-travelling!


Maurice Fernandez is a leading Evolutionary Astrologer with a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence for his diploma program in astrology, publications, and consulting work. Maurice is the founder of I-ASTROLOGER and RIVER OF STARS conferences. He is the recipient of Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology (2022), and served as president of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) for three consecutive terms (2014-2020).

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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Zoom Open: 11:30 am

Part 1: 12:00 pm. Please plan on arriving before 11:45 am.

(One 15 minute break midway)

Lunch: 2:15 – 2:45 pm.

Part 2: 2:45 until 6:00 pm (approximately).

(One 15 minute break midway)


NOTE: In order to follow the advice on limiting in-person events in order to contain the COVID-19 virus, this meeting will be held online via ZOOM.

Registration: Pay first online. We will open registration when the previous event is completed, about one month before the event

NOTE: We are limited to only 100 participants. Please secure your spot asap.

After successful registration, you will see an email confirmation. Closer to the event, you will be provided with the link to access to event.
You will need a computer, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection.


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Neptune, the 12th house, and Pisces – 2nd Edition: The Timelessness of Truth
Astrology and the Evolution of Consciousness-Volume 1: Astrology Fundamentals
The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practice

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