The COVID19 Pandemic and the Jupiter Saturn Cycle.

 By Susan Vega Astrologer

On December 31, China notified WHO about a cluster of pneumonia cases possibly due to a novel coronavirus.

The first COVID case was discovered Sunday November 17, 2019, but it would be weeks before China could gather enough data for it’s report. Some conjecture has been made that the outbreak was kept under wraps for a number of reasons. One was a big important government celebration that would have been canceled.

November 17th 2019

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction of May, 2000 was 22° Taurus. The Sun was at 24°Scorpio. The 1st documented day of the pandemic outbreak at the opposition of the 2000 conjunction. To date, 2020 has been at the mercy of this Pandemic. It’s a life and death survival ordeal for many of the world’s population.

Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, has dominion over death. Scorpio also rules distribution of money and food. The ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars, which rules fevers.

January 12th 2020

Saturn and Pluto made it’s conjunction, along with other Planets and a major asteroid:

Saturn 22°47’ Capricorn
Pluto 22°46’ Capricorn
Sun 22°0’ Capricorn
Mercury 23°20’ Capricorn
Ceres 22°36’ Capricorn

The asteroid Ceres is the Mother Earth. She rules health, nutrition, and agriculture. She also symbolizes fertility.

Currently there is some speculation that if younger males survive an intense battle with covid-19 they may have issues with sterility. Jan. 12, 2020— China shares the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus, helping countries in testing and tracing any potentially infected people. Taurus rules the throat in the body but also rules money, food, and resources.

These Taurus ruled commodities have been at a severe strangle hold under Saturn’s 2020 influence.

The Covid-19 outbreak occurred at the opposition to the last 19-20 year cycle of the Jupiter Saturn conjunction in 2000.

The 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction was in the earth sign of Taurus at 22°. It’s interesting that the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12 2020 also occurred at 22°. Capricorn an earth sign. In this sign it’s denoting the breakdown of our current structures highlighting our fight for survival – foretold in May of 2000. Our structures that have been taken for granted in the past are not supporting us as they did before. Our Governmental oversight and assistance, the economy, our ability to support ourselves with jobs that provide medical insurance, food distribution, medicines, vaccines, and medical supplies are lacking and turning our lives upside down. That conjunction in Taurus was largely about survival. A struggle for survival financially and medically is what’s happening in this crescendo of the cycles end. Taurus rules what you value, and what your values are.

It turns out good health wins out over money. However health depends on money for food and sustenance. Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts and restricts. The pandemic has spread across all boundaries and foreign lands with Jupiter’s expansiveness. All the while also bringing necessary restrictions (Saturn’s territory) for survival. Social distancing, face masks and face shields are a must. Attention to hand washing to curtail the spread of the virus is critical. Self-isolation is needed if you’ve been exposed to someone who has the virus. If you’ve got co-morbidity issues you also need to shelter in place as much as possible. Astrologers watch cycles for a reason. They’re a time map of planetary events. The Planets and signs involved weave the story and the cycles lay out the timing.

This Taurus Scorpio axis has opened our eyes to what’s important for survival.

Food, values, and financial resources or death. It most probably is the death of our old way of life. For many years, experts have warned of superbugs that are antibiotic resistant; evolution in plain sight. Global weather changes occurring with the planet heating up and melting the polar ice will release ancient pandemics preserved in the permafrost just waiting to spring forth. We need to pay attention to the earth or perish. Taurus/ Scorpio.




Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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    Darkstar Astrology has a terrific article, “The Astrology of Pandemics,” that was published a few months ago. This analyzes all pandemics starting with the Black Plague.


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