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The redesigned website for the Florida Atlantic Chapter of the NCGR went live on November 29, 2019 at 11:52 AM.  The Ascendant of the event chart is in Aquarius. This fits well with a group activity like this, because Aquarius is the sign where individual contributions come together to achieve the goals of the group.

In addition to signifying groups, Aquarius is an observer energy. The detachment of Aquarius can bring a broader perspective and an openness to new ideas. Astrology can be very technical and scientific and it can also be very personal. Aquarius recognizes and celebrates that duality.


The Sun is in Sagittarius, which reflects our desire to have fun with this. Sagittarius is an energetic sign that loves ideas and philosophy and is exploring to find the truth. Sagittarius likes debate and can be blunt with its truth, but it is a fun and adventurous sign that is tolerant of other views as it desires to expand its perspective. We host speakers with a variety of specialties and ideas which helps all of us expand. The Sun shines on our desire to bring in new ideas to explore together.

In the Placidus chart, the Sun is in the 10th house of how the world sees you. In the Whole Sign chart, the Sun is in the 11th house of alliances and affiliations. Either way, this spirit of exploration and discovery is something we want as an attribute of this group.


This chart also has a stellium in the Placidus 11th house, which shows a concentration of our energies interacting with the group and the friends that we make there. If you use whole sign houses and the stellium moves to the 12th house, this can reflect the inner work that we’re often doing as we listen to the lectures and apply what we hear to our own charts and our lives.

Jupiter is in Sagittarius, a sign that it rules, which gives an element of strength and optimism to the grouping. Jupiter is in the last degree, where it is gathering and reflecting on its lessons and explorations as it gets ready to move into another chapter.

Venus and the Moon are with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of structure and security. This doesn’t have to be a limiting or negative thing. Structure also creates space. In a group, structure and space make room for learning and expression.

Venus brings our desire for harmonious interactions and making beautiful connections that resonate with us. It also can represent the beauty of the systems and concepts that we are learning.

The Moon shows how our emotions come into play. Capricorn can be a difficult place for the Moon, because it can be difficult to take time to nurture yourself when you feel most comfortable doing the work. But sometimes, doing the work can also contribute to learning how to nurture yourself in a better way – especially when you are conscious of the need.

Saturn is at home in Capricorn and able to bring the structure and discipline to keep things running smoothly. Pluto is also there to shake things up and bring some intensity. This Saturn Pluto conjunction may be bringing a painful time of tearing down and rebuilding for some people and institutions. However, for this group, I think these energies are combining in a way that is less intense.

It seems like the group is always transforming in some ways. New people start attending events. Other people may be absent for awhile and then they come back again. Events about techniques you are unfamiliar with can feel intense as you try to learn and understand how to bring them in to what you do. Event topics can also be light and not teach a technique at all. This group is also fortunate to have the stability of a core of regular attendees and a regular schedule. It’s a wonderful balance of stability and structure along with the welcoming of new energy and ideas.

Together, the planets in the stellium bring growth and optimism together with beauty and nurturing while having structure and focus. This is an asset to any group or alliance and can also contribute to our own more internal applications of astrology to our lives.

Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Mars are together in Scorpio, the sign of depth and investigation. In Placidus, they are in the 9th house of higher learning and belief systems. In Whole Sign, they are in the house of reputation and how the world sees us. Both of these are applicable.

Mercury is our intellectual pursuits and our ability to communicate and articulate. Mercury is definitely a predominant planet in an activity like this. Mars is a planet of action. Mars and Mercury together want to take action to stimulate our mind, to learn. I think that is something we all love to do and it’s great to have a place to do it together!


My astrology influences are numerous and hard to separate from my overall ideas. However, I can identify some of what I drew on while thinking about what to write, so I would like to reference those sources here:

  • My favorite reference for signs is on Skyscript
  • The role of Saturn’s structure in creating space for us – Cameron Allen’s class on Astrology Hub
  • Planet definitions are influenced by Vibrational Astrology (David Cochrane, Linda Berry)
  • Capricorn Moon understanding influenced by Energy Astrology (Lea Imsiragic)

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  1. Susan Vega
    Susan Vega says:

    Great article! The Uranus singleton at the nadir certainly speaks volumes. All the planets flow through it. Astrological study dispersed to the knowledge seekers from the ancestry of great astrological minds.

    • Mimi
      Mimi says:

      Thanks Susan! I whole heartedly agree.

      Chris Chase did an amazing job on this original article about our new website launch. She also did an amazing job on this website herself, as she is the webmaster, and on the board of our chapter. Thanks Chris!


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