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Venus de Milo statue

Venus retrograde in Gemini is always about communication.

The smart phone was actually created in 1992 and released in 1994.

Venus retrograded in Gemini in 2004, new innovation continued and the Apple iPhone was introduced in 2007, this changed how we communicate.

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Michele will discuss many techniques for evaluating relationships in a natal chart, ranging from the simple—Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus– to the more advanced, such as antiscia and composite charts.  In the afternoon portion, she will show some of the best forecasting techniques for predicting relationships, or watching them evolve, and will ask audience members to identify what was going on in their charts when they experienced significant relationship milestones.




Michele Adler first became interested in astrology as a college English major studying Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. She began formal astrological study in 1972 in Boston with the late Oscar Weber. She has continued her studies since then, while maintaining a career of over three decades in public relations and corporate communications functions.


Following retirement in 2003, she began teaching astrology in the Tampa Bay area. Her most recent book is Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of Meaning, a review of astrology’s major forecasting techniques. She has been published in The Mountain Astrologer, the NCGR Memberletter and the AFA Bulletin.


Her web site is at www.micheleadler.com. She also created a group on Facebook called Astrology Facebook Friends to which she contributes regularly.

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